Name:    Debbie Pennington
Title:      Enrolled Agent

Achievements:    President of the Missouri Association of Tax Practitioners, Kansas City Chapter, Since 1998.

What is an enrolled agent?

    An enrolled agent is an individual who works for taxpayers, preparing their returns, planning their taxes, solving their tax problems and representing them in audit before the Internal Revenue Service.  To become an Enrolled Agent, an individual must pass a very comprehensive 2-day examination administered by the IRS and devoted entirely to income taxes.  An Enrolled Agent is required to have more tax related continuing education than any other tax prepares.  An Enrolled Agent may be more qualified than other professionals who do not hold this prestigious designation.

An Enrolled Agent is able to assist clients with...

     Tax Preparation
            Individual Returns
            Business Returns
            Other Specialized Returns
     Tax Planning
    Audit Representation
    Tax Appeals
     Unique Tax Problems   

    Believe it or not, this title goes back to the time after the Civil War.  During the war, when Union troops swept through an area, they confiscated supplies, material and live stock from local residents.  The owners of these items got a receipt to be redeemed through the United States Treasury at a later date.

    After the war, many individuals set themselves up as "agents" to take the receipts to the Treasury Department in Washington and demand payment on behalf of the original property owners.  Obviously, not every person who performed this task was honest and forthright.  The Treasury Department recognized a need to regulate and control these agents.  And thus, the designation of Enrolled Agent was born to regulate and control those persons who were duly qualified to act as an Agent for the property owner, with rules of practice to be followed.

    Over 100 years later, Enrolled Agents still represent taxpayers' interest before the United States Treasury and are still bound by the rules of practice set up by the Department.

Name:    Bill Pennington
Title:      Office Assistant / Geologist

    Full time office assistant with a degree in Geology from the University of Central Missouri with a background in Supervision, Accounting and Personnel Management. 

Name:    Robert Pennington
Title:      Office Assistant / Senior Mutual Funds Specialist

    Part time office assistant pursuing a degree in education, also with a background in Supervision, Accounting, and Personnel Management.  Starting the CNA program in March 2010 which will be followed by the RN program at Penn Valley.