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SB/SE E-Submissions/e-Interactions & More

An alphabetical listing of Hyperlinks for

                    940/941 e-file

                    990/990-EZ/990-PF/1120-POL e-file

                    1040 Central

                    1041 e-file

                    1065 e-file

                    1120/1120S/7004 e-file

                    1120 POL e-file

                    2004/2005 Tax Law Changes for Individuals

                    2005 Nationwide Tax Forums - NWTFs

                    About @ 2005 Marketing Campaign

                    Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

                    Abusive Tax Shelters

                    Advertising/Promotion Publications - ERO’s – Marketing Toolkit, Refund Cycle Chart

                    Amended Returns

                    Appeals Process – link to streaming video

                    Appeals, Tax Information for

                    Application to Participate in the e-file Program (paper version)

                    Approved IRS e-file for Business Providers

                    Armed Forces - Tax Information 

                    Around the Nation

                    Authorized IRS e-file Provider Locator Service for Tax Professionals

                    Become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider

                    Burden Reduction – About the Office of Taxpayer Burden Reduction

                    Business e-file options

                    Calendar, Tax for 2005  Pub. 509

                    Centralized Authorization File (CAF)

                    Charities & Other Non-Profits

                    CID – Criminal Enforcement

                    Circular 230 (Rev. 6/2005)

                    COEs - Centers of Excellence  Industries/Professions

                    Combat Zone Provisions  - FAQs

                    Compliance & Enforcement News

                    Consumer Alerts & Tax Scams

                    Contact My Local Office - state-by-State IRS Office Locations, Hours etc.  

                    Corporations, Tax Information for

                    CP-2000  Prevent Delays in the Processing

                    Credit Card Payments - Individuals

                    Criminal Enforcement

                    Criminal Investigation Division - CID

                    Digital Dispatch Mailing List

                    Direct Transmitters – What’s New in EMS for 2006

                    Discontinuance of Non-Encrypted e-file Transmission Options

                    Disaster Assistance Self-Study

                    Disaster Relief  - Pub. 3833

                    Draft Tax Forms

                    EA Exam

                    EA Information

                    e-file Application & Participation  - Pub 3112

                    e-file Checklist for Individuals

                    e-file Demographics for Electronic Return Originators

                    e-file Demographics

                    e-file FAQs for Tax Professionals - Publication 3452 TY 2004

                    e-file for Business & Self-Employed Taxpayers

                    e-file for Business Program Overview

                    e-file for Business Partners

                    e-file for Business Providers

                    e-file for Large & Mid-Size Corporations

                    e-file Library

                    e-file Made Easy – A Tax Professional’s One Stop e-file/e-pay Shop

                    e-file Market Research Data

                    e-file Provider News & Alerts

                    e-file Partners for Individuals  

                    e-file Partners for Financial Institutions/Employers

                    e-file Partners for Taxpayers

                    e-file for Tax Professionals – Landing page

                    e-file Providers, Individual Locator

                    e-file  New Requirements for large Corps & Exempt Organizations

                    e-file Resources - Help Desk & State e-file Coordinators

                    e-file Resources for EROs, etc

                    e-file Revenue Procedure 2005-60  new

                    e-file for Software Developers & Transmitters

                    e-file Technical Publications

                    EFTPS - Express Enrollment for Businesses Pub 4276

                    EFTPS on


                    EFTPS Marketing Materials Practitioner Order Form - FMS

                    e-Help Desk - Toll-Free Number

                    EIN - Apply Online

                    EIN, Online Application  FAQs

                    EITC Assistant

                    EITC Information/Resources

                    EITC – Do You Qualify?

                    Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

                    Electronic Funds Withdrawal - EFW

                    Electronic Payment Options  Individual & Business

                    Electronic Payment Options Brochure Pub 3611

                    Electronic Reading Room

                    Electronic Signature Methods - PIN

                    Employment Tax e-file System

                    Employment Taxes – e-file and e-pay Options

                    Employment Taxes for Small Businesses

                    Employment Tax Enforcement Program

                    Employment Tax Schemes

                    Encryption – New Transmitter Requirements

                    e-News for Tax Professionals - Sign Up

                    Enrolled Agent Information (Office of Professional Responsibility – OPR)

                    ERO Locator Service

                    ERO – Testimonials from e-file Providers

                    Errors - Top Errors by Paid Preparers on Paper Returns


                    e-services Products

                    e-services Registration page (link to online tutorials found in red bar)

                    ETAAC Annual Report to Congress 2005

                    Exemplary EROs - 2005

                    Extensions – Bs & Individual

                    Fact Sheets - Newsroom

                    FAX Guidelines, New IRS

                    Federal Register

                    Federal/State e-file

                    Fed/State e-file Coordinators

                    Fed/State Employment Tax e-file Schemas (FSET)


                    Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE)

                    Filing Season Supplement, Pub 1345A for TY 2004

                    Financial Management Service (FMS) U.S. Dept of the Treasury



                    Forms & Pubs

                    Forms 940 & 941 e-file Programs

                    Form 990/990EZ/990PF & 1120POL e-file 

                    Form 1041 e-file Program

                    Form 1065 e-file Program

                    Form 1120/1120S e-file

                    Form 1120POL e-file 

                    Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS e-file Return

                    Form 8633 - Application to become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider

                    Form 8633 FAQs

                    Form 8878, IRS e-file Signature Authorization for Application for Extension of Time to File

                    Form 8878 – Spanish version 2005

                    Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization

                    Fraud Alerts - CID

                    Fraud, Reporting

                    Free File Home Page

                    Free File FAQs & Help Center

                    Free Online Filing – Free File Home page

                    Frequently Asked Tax Questions & Answers TY 2004

                    Frivolous Tax Arguments, The Truth About

                    Government Entities - Tax Information for

                    Government Printing Office

                    HCTC: Individuals - Overview for Health Coverage Tax Credit

                    Hot Topics

                    Hurricane Relief

                    Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission

                    Identity Theft  - SSA Web Page

                    Individuals, Tax Information for


                    Information Returns - e-file with FIRE

                    Information Returns Processing

                    Innocent Spouse Tax Information  FAQs

                    Installment Agreements

                    Internal Revenue Bulletins- IRBs

                    International Businesses, Tax Information for

                    International Taxpayer

                    Internet Filing MeF


                    IRM - Internal Revenue Manual

                    IRPAC & IRSAC General Information

                    IRS e-file & e-pay for Business & Self-Employed Taxpayers

                    IRS e-file for Business Partners

                    IRS e-file for Business Providers

                    IRS e-file For Tax Professionals

                    IRS Guidance – A Brief Primer

                    IRS Office Locations, Hours, Addresses

                    IRSAC & IRPAC General Information

                    IRS Recognizes Electronic Tax Professionals at 2005 Nationwide Tax Forums

                    IRS Resources

                    IRS – The Basics

                    ITINs – Reminders for Tax Professionals

                    Latest News – The IRS Newsroom   

                    Laws, Regulations, Research and Court Rulings

                    Locator Service - Individual e-file Providers

                    Logo, IRS e-file

                    Low Income Tax Clinics –LITC 2004/2005

                    Mandates (State)

                    Marketing Toolkit

                    Market Research Data for IRS e-file

                    MeF Internet Filing

                    Military Tax Information

                    Modernization – New IRS

                    Modernized e-file MeF (1120, 990)

                    Money Laundering

                    Nationwide Tax Forums, IRS Summer 2005

                    News & Alerts for e-file Providers

                    News Releases

                    Newsroom - Latest News

                    Nonfiler Enforcement Program

                    Notices – Understanding Your IRS Notice

                    Offer in Compromise - OIC

                    Office of Professional Responsibility Enrolled Agent Program

                    Office of Professional Responsibility, Latest News from

                    Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

                    Online Application EIN Form SS-4

                    Online EIN  FAQs

                    Partial Payment Installment Agreements

                    Partners - e-file for Business Partners

                    Payment Options for Individuals & Businesses

                    Payroll Service Providers

                    PINs - Self -Select & Practitioner

                    Practitioner Priority Service

                    Preparer - Top Errors by Paid Preparers on Paper Returns   

                    Prior Year Forms & Pubs

                    Projections - Statistics

                    Providers, e-file for Business

                    Publication 17 TY 2004  Tax Guide for Individuals

                    Publication 334 – 2004 Tax Guide for Small Businesses

                    Publication 1220 (FIRE)

                    Publication 1345

                    Publication 1345A, Filing Season Supplement

                    Publication 1346 TY 2005 File Specs & Record Layouts

                    Publication 1436 - e-file Test Package TY 2005

                    Publication 3112 - e-file Application & Participation

                    Publication 3452, e-file FAQs for Tax Professionals TY 2005

                    Q&A for Tax Professionals Pub 3452 2005

                    QuickAlerts Library

                    QuickAlerts Messaging System for EROs, Software Developers/Transmitters

                    QuickAlerts - Welcome Page

                    Reading Room

                    Record Keeping Requirements - EROs

                    Refund Cycle Chart - 2006

                    Reporting Agents (RAF)

                    Requirements – New e-file

                    Resource Information - IRS

                    Retirees/Sr. Citizens

                    Return Preparer Enforcement Program

                    Revenue Procedure 2005-60 Individual & Business e-file

                    SB/SE Online Classroom

                    SB/SE Page, Your One-Stop Business Resource

                    SB/SE Partners Page

                    Scams/Consumer Alerts

                    Schedule K-1 Tips for Accurate Filing

                    Schedule K-1, Two-Dimensional Bar Code Specifications & Certification Profess

                    Schemes – Tax Scams & Consumer Alerts

                    Schemes – Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes - Talking Points   

                    SEE - Special Enrollment Exam  2005 

                    Self-Select PIN

                    Small Business Self-Employed One-Stop Resource

                    Small Business Self-Employed Online Classroom

                    Small Business Products Online Ordering

                    Small Business Resource Guide Update 2005 CD-ROM

                    Small Business Tax Workshop Student Workbook

                    Software Developers & Transmitters XML Schemas (e-file for Business)

                    SOI (Statistics of Income) Products & Services

                    Special Enrollment Examination  (SEE)

                    SS-4 Online EIN Application

                    SSA/IRS Reporter Employer Newsletter

                    SSA Employer Web site – File W-2s Electronically

                    SSA Website

                    Standards of Practice for Tax Professionals

                    State Links

                    State Mandate Info - FTA

                    Statistics, Tax

                    Stats -

                    Students, Tax Information for

                    Subscription Services for Tax Professionals

                    Talking Tax Forms

                    TAP - Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

                    TAS – Taxpayer Advocate Service

                    Tax Fraud Alerts

                    Tax Fraud Program

                    Tax Hints for Filing Season 2005 for Tax Professionals   

                    Tax Information for Businesses

                    Taxpayer Advocate Service

                    Taxpayer Burden Reduction

                    Taxpayer Rights

                    Tax Professionals, Basic Tools for

                    Tax Professionals, e-file for

                    Tax Professionals – Resources for

                    Tax Professionals, Standards of Practice

                    Tax Professionals, Tax Information for

                    Tax Regulations

                    Tax Scams – How to Recognize & Avoid Them

                    Tax Statistics


                    Tax Tips 2005

                    Tax Treaties, International Taxpayer

                    TCE - Tax Counseling for the Elderly

                    Technical Publications - IRS e-file

                    TeleFile  Discontinued

                    Test Package - e-file, Pub. 1436 (TY 2005) PATS

                    TIGTA - Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

                    Toll-Free Number e-Help Desk

                    Topics For Tax Professionals    

                    Undelivered Refunds

                    Understanding Taxes

                    U.S. Census Bureau – State Data Center


                    What's Hot in Tax Forms, Pubs, and Other Tax Products

                    What's Hot - News

                    Where to File Addresses

                    Where's My Refund?

                    Withholding Calculator

                    Worldwide Tax Administration Assistance

                    XML Schemas - e-file for Business